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Music for hotels, restaurants, SPA and retail!

Sound Solutions, specialized in music for hotels, is able to interpret the needs of each Customer and transforms them into a sound solution totally customized.

We make your brand an experience!

Music, thanks to its ability to emotionally engage the Customer, can create the right atmosphere, adding value to your image and helping to build your brand identity.

The Sound of Success!

Creative music editors and experienced professional DJs develop and implement customized music for hotels, restaurants, SPA and retail.

According to your requirements, brand values and positioning your individual needs, music will be created for your business and your target audience. From luxury hotels to SPAs, from boutiques to restaurants, whatever your business is, Sound Solutions takes responsibility for creating a special experience that will be positively linked to your brand:


Harmonising the music of the structure with the environment and with your image.


Providing an innovative computerised system for dynamic selection of songs and of the musical mood customised according to your needs, a single system, and the result of years of experience in the selection of ambient music.


Offering a punctual service of technical assistance and music advice aimed at ensuring a high level of performance, anytime and in any situation.

All advantages at a glance!

Comfortable atmosphere, increasing discretion, nomorenegative news, staff motivation, daytime and nighttime-controlled playlists, perfect soundprofile, flexible playlists,and cross mediause of music to enhance the CRM.

The Sound Solutions system allows scheduling musical genres and different volume levels according to time intervals and days of the week, eliminating the need for direct intervention.

Furniture, lights, tastes, colours, scents and the right background music are the perfect mix to please the Customer and to make the stay unforgettable.

Dedicated algorithms that avoid repeating songs, no pause or cantilevered volume from one song to another, custom playlists and optimization of the acoustic quality of various environments allow us to offer a high quality service.


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