Make your brand an experience.

Music has a very strong emotional value. It evokes memories and feelings, creates experiences and influences behaviour.
Thanks to its ability to emotionally engage it can create an atmosphere, define a location, adding value to your image and helping your brand identity. The right music makes people stay longer and come back again and again.

Since 2002, Sound Solutions has been able to interpret the needs of each client tailor-making customized solutions. We work with luxury hotels and SPAs, well-known retailers and fine dining restaurants to create a sound that perfectly matches the brand values of clients all over the world.

Increase the client satisfaction with a fine tuning experience.

The sound of success

Creative music editors and experienced professionals develop and implement customized solutions for worldwide companies.

Our specialty is telling the story of a brand through music, creating bespoke playlists, backed by an on-site consultancy service that studies the optimal diffusion of the sound. Whatever your business is, Sound Solutions takes responsibility for creating a special experience that will positively allow your brand to be recognized and remembered:

  • Harmonise the sound of the structure with the environment and your image.
  • Provide a cutting-edge computerized system for dynamic selection of songs and of the musical mood according to your needs, a single system, the result of years of experience in the selection of ambient music.
  • Offer a punctual service of technical assistance and music advice aimed at ensuring a high level of performance anytime.

The distinctive feature of our offer lies in the consulting activity that accompanies the choice of music genres through an in-depth study of the culture of the host country, client needs, acoustic optimization and the logistical aspect of the structure.

At Sound Solutions, we develop playlists that enhance the brand identity of each client. All these elements cleverly mixed produce a unique result that distinguishes us, thanks to our highly customized approach: not just music compilations, but an all-in-one audio solution with an integrated platform which responds specifically to the taste and image of the location.

All advantages at a glance!

Comfortable atmosphere, discretion, staff motivation, daytime and night time controlled playlists, perfect sound profile, flexible playlists, and cross media use to enhance the CRM.

The Sound Solutions system allows scheduling music genres and different volume levels according to time intervals and days of the week, eliminating the need for direct intervention. Dedicated algorithms that avoid repetition of songs, no pause or cantilevered volume from one song to another, custom playlist and optimization of the acoustic quality of various environments allow us to offer a high-quality service.


Selection of one or more music genres according to time slots and days of the week


Regulation of volume levels according to time slots and days of the week


Spectrographic measurement of the sound system and source signal adjustment for acoustic optimization


Periodical music update


Special event music management


No track repetitions


Uniform volume levels for all tracks


Automatic track mixing


App to check what is playing, what is going to play next, what previously played and select the preferred tracks





Our Clients

It is a pleasure for us from Hotel Arts to work with a committed company as Sound Solutions. Their quality of service and work delivered is constant and efficient. Sound Solutions’ activities complement ours and ensure we deliver the best customer service expected from our guests.
Laura Salles
Public Relations Manager at Hotel Arts Barcelona
Sound Solutions impacted our guest experience with tailor made music design which enlivens the senses and brings value to a restaurant, spa and overall resort stay in a discrete but meaningful way. They elevate with their music solutions the design and service the hotel provides and create an atmosphere which people remembers and enjoy.
Roberta Pellacci
EAM Sales & Marketing at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
Sound Solutions always deliver a professional, efficient and reliable service to the highest standards. I am most impressed and satisfied with their exceptional service and would certainly recommend them! Sound Solutions is the best solution for delivering the finest music experience to your guests.
Koji Sasaki
General Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa

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The SoundBox

SoundBox is a player that contains the playlist specifically designed for you, to create the right mood in your location.