Sound Solutions for Retail

Encourages purchases enhancing the value of the merchandise on sale.

Sound Identity

Music offers a sound identity to a store, adds value to the merchandise on sale, determines how long customers linger on and creates a trusted relationship between clients and staff. A pleasant background music recalls positive memories and feelings, encouraging purchases.

We emphasize sensory marketing through ad hoc playlists designed according to the target and the mood of your store.

Shopping Experience

The background music in a store influences positively the shopping experience of the clientele. If selected by experienced professionals, increases customers dwell time: the right music is a good reason to linger longer. The more time customers spend between the shelves, the more chances they have to stumble upon a product to buy.

Sound Solutions studies the most appropriate music genre and adjusts the volume of the playlist so that it is never too loud, disturbing to those who are in the store.

Music Mood

Slow music, at lower volumes, accompanies the customer during the purchases, creates a sense of relaxation, leading them to stop and browse longer, to buy more items and leave, once the shopping is done, with the desire to come back. The background music must reflect at the best, not only the atmosphere of the shop and the merchandise on sale, but also the quality of service, the type of furnishings and design, making the customer feel at ease.

Comfortable atmosphere, motivated staff, perfect sound profile, flexible playlists are important tools for customer loyalty. Sound Solutions designs bespoke playlists tailored to each client, guaranteeing an absolutely fluid sound, original and coherent, that reinforce the image of your brand. Our system allows, furthermore, the management of playlist designed on-demand for your in-store special events.