Sound Solutions for Restaurants

The perfect mix to turn a great dinner into an unforgettable one.

Food Identity

Thanks to an accurate and tailored music selection, Sound Solutions enhances the identity of your restaurant. Our playlists, perfectly integrated with the environment and responding to the tastes of the clientele, enhance the characteristics of each location, make customers stay longer and come back again.

Furniture, lights, flavours, colours, perfumes and the right background music are the perfect mix to welcome your clientele and turn a great dinner into an unforgettable one.

Music is the food of soul

Food and music are a perfect combination: a proper sound creates the right atmosphere, making the whole environment more welcoming. This alchemy satisfies the customer who feels gratified. The memory of a perfect experience will remain impressed in his mind and memories forever, making him want to live it again. Music is an important competitive tool for restaurateurs who want to offer added value to their customers.

Sound Solutions perfectly aligns volume, genre and rhythm of music for a unique experience. Our system also allows you to manage playlists for special occasions or events and to adjust the volume level according to the time and days of the week.

Custom Experience

The correct use of the music in a restaurant and an easier background music, induces customers to dine in a more relaxed way and in an extended time lapse, increasing the consumption of food and drinks. The presence of the right music makes the customers linger longer as it overcomes any background noise and fosters the emotions:

it’s an environmental variable that distinguishes the atmosphere of the restaurant. Music increases the dialogue, the inclination to smile and the eye contact.