Sound Solutions for Hotels

Promotes interactions, enhancing the brand identity.

Brand Identity

The uniqueness of the brand is the real strength of a hotel and the enhancement of its identity cannot disregard from the right music choice. Thanks to its ability to evoke memories and feelings, create experiences and influence behaviour, the right music selection makes the guests spend more time in a location, promotes interactions and fosters the image of your brand in their perception.

Sound Solutions creates playlists ad hoc to make the various environments sound unique, enhancing the brand identity.

Taylormade music

The highly customized approach is what distinguishes us from the others. Each area of the hotel, from the hall to the restaurant, from the bar to the pool, need tailored playlists that enhance its features. Sound Solutions harmonises the music with the environment and the image of the hotel.

A proper and coherent music selection creates important psychological and sociological influences within the hotel: making the most of these dynamics represents a profitable and competitive element.

The perfect Playlist

Our highly experienced team, by using dedicated algorithms, creates perfect playlists that avoid repetition of songs, with no pause or cantilevered volume from one song to another. A computerized system manages the dynamic selections of songs and the musical mood based on the needs of each client creating personalized audio solutions. Our system allows scheduling music genres and different volume levels according to time intervals and days of the week, eliminating the need for direct intervention.

A strong passion for music, customer attention, sensitivity to different cultures and ability to perceive changes in taste allows us to satisfy the needs of clients all over the world.
We also provide our clients with a punctual service of technical assistance and music advice, aimed at ensuring a high level of performance, anytime and in any situation.